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We are not your traditional online shop. We connect with you personally to curate your Crystal shopping experience so that you can choose the perfect crystals for you.

What we do


The Dream Den was born out of true love. Love for crystals, the healing journey, and love between Lindsay and Kyle, its crystal couple founders. We aim to hold space for you to experience crystals’ MAGIC and immense healing powers while creating a supportive, loving community where you can truly THRIVE!

Lindsay comes from 4 generations of expert mineral and gem dealers and is obsessed with sourcing only the highest quality, high vibe, authentic crystals that WORK for you! Kyle is a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Dreamwork, and we use both of our metaphysical expertise to curate healing/manifestation content & and workshops and act as your spiritual support system!

Our growing team is like family to us. We are all so dedicated to our clients, the work we do, the crystals and making the Dream Den an incredible healing space for you. Thank you so much for all the ways you support us, whether it’s a purchase, a comment, a like or share, or a message about our impact on your journey!

Connect with Me

With Lindsay are a fun and energizing guided virtual shopping experience.

Lindsay will personally meet and connect with you via Zoom to guide you through our vast selection of crystals to select the exact pieces you are looking for.

Connect with Me