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We have new crystals arriving everyday! To view our selection of available pieces, please message me via Instagram @the.dream.den or book a one-on-one Crystal Zoom Call to personally select your pieces!
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Amethyst Points
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Amethyst Points C$35.00
Angelite Heart
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Angelite Heart C$25.00
Carnelian Tower
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Carnelian Tower C$135.00
Fluorite Tumble
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Fluorite Tumble C$13.00
Malachite Tower
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Malachite Tower C$139.00
Raw Opalite
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Raw Opalite C$25.00
Pyrite Druzy Egg
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Pyrite Druzy Egg C$160.00
Rhodonite Heart
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Rhodonite Heart C$20.00
Raw Rose Quartz
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Raw Rose Quartz C$23.00
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Vanadinite C$72.00